2 warm 4 Yukon Quest

Mature woman in casual look with boot toppers
Casual outfit of Oliveo denim skirt with oversize silk cashmere sweater, matching polka dot silk scarf , Chanel belt, Longchamp pliage bag, Hunter rain boots (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot
midlife woman in casual look
Casual look in neutral colors featuring a silk cashmere sweater, dark denim skirt, Longchamp pliage bag, Chanel belt, silk scarf, Hunter rain booties (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

Today is the start of the Yukon Quest here in Fairbanks on the Chena River downtown. Usually, I like to go watch the sled dogs starting. they are always so excited to be in a race.

However, today it is way too warm for getting the right Yukon Quest feeling. Furthermore, they decided to start on 2nd Avenue because of the warm weather. I love it when temperatures are crisp (about -13F or -25C), the sky is blue, the Catholic Church with river view sells hot cocoa, and vendors are on the iced river with a charcoal fire in old metal barrels selling who knows what, and when one has to climb down onto the river.

However, today the skies are gray, and temperatures are 23F or -5C, and humidity is high for Fairbanks conditions. The weather is like a cold winter day in Germany, i.e. not my cup of tea. Thus, I decided to do the grocery shopping for next week instead. It is too warm for me to watch the start. I bet the dogs do not even wear booties.

Speaking of booties. Since the air is warm (for an Alaskan used to the cold), but the ground conducts a lot of cold to the soles of the boots, I wore my hunter rubber boots with boot toppers. See the link for a review on these boot toppers. The boot toppers are actually warm socks that have this nice faux fur top (see photo below).

Boot topper details
Zoom-in on the boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

Indoors, I wore my denim skirt, cashmere sweater with a silk scarf, and a white thin belt. For the commute to the store I took my shearling motorcycle jacket, but kept it open, as it was too warm (for the Yukon Quest). I really like how well these boot toppers match my favorite head band.

woman in midlife wearing boot toppers
Andrew Marcs motorcycle shearling jacket worn as outerwear over an Oliveo denim skirt with sweater. Hunter boots (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

Photos: G. Kramm

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