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Musings after one year of style blogging

Time flies. It seems like yesterday when I wrote my first fashion and style post. I started blogging because I wanted to help women in cold climate regions to dress stylishly even when it is cold outside. I also wanted to inspire women living in warm climate regions to cope stylishly with the occasionally cold weather. There has not to be the choice between throwing fashion and style out of the window to stay warm or looking fashionable and stylish, but freezing to hypothermia. I wanted to encourage woman to embrace fashion over 40 and turn fashion into individual style.

#Fashionover40 mature woman in cat dress with cardigan
Victoria Victoria Beckham silk print cat dress with GNW cardigan for a cool summer day, summer evening or air conditioned office. Hermes collier de chien bangle, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Bulova watch, and Esprit bag (all own)
#dress details of cat dress
Zoom-in on the cat print on a windy day

The hardest part: Posing in cold/bad weather

To achieve this goal, it is not only important to understand how to dress stylishly, but also to shop smart for the climate of you region. Therefore, I once in a while write about weather and climate and how it relates to dressing weather appropriately (e.g. outfit for humid, rainy, cool weather, wearing summer clothes on cloudy summer days). What is warm for an Alaskan like me (broadly speaking everything between 20F (-6.7oC) and below 75F (23.8oC) is the freezing cold or chilly for someone in Florida, for instance. Thus, my blog addresses not only the readers in northern regions. For me hot it everything in the 80s. A winter trip to Mexico, for instance, would mean starting out of a super freezer with -40F (-40oC) in Fairbanks, landing in a fridge in Seattle and start thawing, arriving in Mexico and start melting. 😉

Two blogging awards: Thank you my readers!

One year into style blogging with two blogging awards, I want to thank my readers and followers for their continuous support. Over this first year, I made a lot of new dear friends among my readers as well as among my fellow bloggers. Some of them even nominated me for awards. I am grateful for everyone of you all.

I love when my readers use the contact form or my facebook page to drop me a note, just say hi, tell me how much you loved a post/outfit/dress, ask a question (e.g. where did you get this?), or even give me suggestions what kind of posts you would like to see more. Feedback makes the blog better for you. Thus, if you have a fashion related question you want me to post about, or suggestions, send me an email. I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to reading your emails and to hear about what you like (or dislike) about the blog. Let me know how I can make the blog more interesting and helpful for you, my lovely readers. The blog is written for you after all.

older woman who won a Street Style outfit competition #StyleOfTheWeek

I also want to thank all of you for voting for me to become Style of the Week on Best of Streetstyle and for helping me to get nominated several times for Best Style of the Week , i.e. voting me OOTD . You helped me to show that bundling up to stay warm and being stylish is in deed possible. Your help meant a lot for me. <3

I also want to thank my photographer G. Kramm for taking photos even at 40 below, in snowing or windy conditions, and even when it poured.:*

Readers’ favorite posts after the first year

Looking back here are the links to your favorite Top Ten Posts of the first year.

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Let’s celebrate with Alaskan flowers

Well, on anniversaries one typically lights candles or decorates with flowers.  I am not big on candles, and I love flowers best when they are alive. Thus, here a sample of Alaska non-cut flowers for my lovely readers to enjoy.

Alaskan flowers for 1st blogversary #flowers #AlaskaFlowers
Alaska flowers

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Outfit photos: G. Kramm

Flower photos: N. Mölders

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