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1001 compliments on RONEN CHEN dress go on

#RonenChen #jerseyDress #silkscarf #statementBelt
#RonenChen #jerseyDress #silkscarf #statementBelt #over-40-fashion High Latitude Style Mature women wearing a dress c/o Ronen Chen
Dress c/o Ronen Chen, own DIY belt, vintage silk scarf, Ivanka Trump pink cap-toe pointy pumps
#RonenChen #D&GMsunglasses #over40 #workoutfit Mature women wearing a dress c/o Ronen Chen
Side view of the dress c/o Ronen Chen styled with a vintage scarf and a self-made statement belt and pumps for an office appropriate look

Last Friday I introduced you to Ronen Chen and a dress that I got courtesy to RONEN CHEN. Since I have the dress, I wore it already four times, and I keep getting compliments on the dress every time. The dress made me even a nominee for Fashionista of this week.

Do you have a piece in your closet that in which you gather compliments whenever you wear it? If so: Figure out what makes you look great in an outfit and work from there towards your style to get compliments daily. Tweet this! Who does not like compliments and looking great?

#RonenChen #D&GMsunglasses Mature women wearing a dress c/o Ronen Chen
Zoom in on the upper part of the dress c/o Ronen Chen illustrating the illusion of a top under a strapless dress

This dress is so versatile that there is not only one way to wear it. Thus, I promised you a followup post. Even alone by itself it it already stylish and attention drawing as it looks like a sweater worn under a strapless dress (see photo above) as my friend  Glenda Harrison commented on my google+ post of this dress.

Here another inspiration on how to style this dress. Note that RONEN CHEN offers a $20 coupon. Just enter Highlatitude20 at checkout. The coupon is valid from June 20-27, 2014.

#RonenChen #D&GMsunglasses Mature women wearing a dress c/o Ronen Chen with a leather motorcycle jacket
Dress c/o Ronen Chen with silk scarf that picks up the color of the dress’ top and the pink of the leather jacket for a commute on a chilly evening

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Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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